Their primary use is to create a joint cover between two floor surfaces of the same height already installed where expansion is expected. The curved end on each side of this profile has been designed to create a transition between the two floors if they are not perfectly the same height. This avoids creating an empty space between the trim and the floor. Often used to separate two rooms or to delimit two floors for example hardwood and ceramic.

Color Information

These mouldings are offered in different colors, and in 1 type of finish.

  • Anodized aluminum: Anodization can be done in many different colors, and gives aluminum a finish that will protect it against corrosion.
Notice: Please note that the accuracy of the colors displayed on the web site may vary depending on the settings of your monitor. To have a more accurate idea of the exact appearance of the colors, contact a Diaplas’ representative for a sample.



Installation example


Warning: Whatever kind of finish you might choose, always be aware that abrasives, and the contact with rugged surfaces will damage your trims. When installing, always ensure to immediately wipe away excess of mortar, grout, glues or any other chemical product that could have been in contact with the visible profile surface.